I am excited to work with you to finally achieve your overall nutrition and training goals. 



What is included in your coaching plan?

–         Access to the Approved Food List PDF and other helpful tips for strategic macro meal planning.

–         Access to Travel handouts & tips for “Eating Out” and Restaurant advice.

–         Weekly macro check-in through email and help filling macros in our group coaching system.

–         Weekly Monday night 6 PM MST coaching sessions with Kelli Michelle in our live FB group ( START ROCKING MACROS KMF) PRIVATE for exclusive members only.

–         Custom Bi-Weekly Meal plan with macro goals for your meal planning systems. This will give ideas of what to prep for pairing and sustainability.

–         Tracking with Myfitnesspal / Tutorials and better your best videos for utilizing MYFITNESSPAL.

Auto Immune – Type 2 / Blood sugar pairing requirements ( FOODS for Best PAIRING) issued also in programming for clients with insulin resistance or AUTOIMMUNE. 

As a macro GOLD member, you will be able to add additional coaching sessions either live or by Skype.  During paid coaching, you will have access to a discounted package program for being a loyal online macro client.


Plan Information

TEAM and group learning sessions weekly
Helpful Hints to Track
Access to Blog and Member Forums as well as VOICE and text macro team assistance daily.
Macro Specific Planning for Meals
Food lists, Travel Guides and Crossfit Comp guides

Husband & Wife

Macro Coaching

If husband and wife are teaming up, you will select this option and use autopay monthly for your couples coaching. Husband / Wife Discount is only for husband-wife teams. This will go into effect after month 1 macro designation fee for each participant.


Online Fitness Training APP

Includes Progress photo review, weekly check-in through personal application. Monthly macro goals to meet. Integrate MyfitnessPal and Fit bit devices. Weekly feedback and direct trainer messaging. Includes access to our LIVE COACHING sessions on Monday night at 6 PM.  * This plan does not include full nutrition online macro coaching.

Includes one month of Free Coaching
Helpful Hints to Track
Access to Blog and Member Forums
Macro Specific Planning for Meals
Food lists / comp prep CF crossfit and travel guides

Intro to complete online training and nutrition. Don’t have the time or money to hire a personal trainer??
Look here for the complete online programming and macro nutrition monthly numbers!


A list of questions for participants to fill out before beginning programming. This will help me gain a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses and help to build you a solid plan. Also included is a participant waiver that all trackers must complete before beginning the program.

Download Questionnaire


Learn more about reverse dieting and how it might be helpful to you

  • Why Should You be Reverse Dieting?

    Tell me if this sounds like you: You’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, and the weight loss starts off going really well. Eventually though, it slows down or stops altogether. So you decide to cut your calories further or do more cardio, and while that works for a little while, your progress plateaus yet again.

    This cycle is repeated until you are likely eating an absurdly low amount of calories and doing quite a bit of cardio. You probably feel worn down, hungry, achy, and have little energy in the gym. Both your workout progress and weight loss have stalled. The thought of cutting calories even further sounds like a nightmare. But you still have quite a bit of weight to lose.

    None of this makes sense to you because eating less and exercising more is supposed to result in weight loss. So then, why is all this hard work not getting you results?

  • The Case for Reverse Dieting

    The reason for your stalled progress is quite simple, actually. When you cut calories, however small your deficit might be, your metabolism begins to down-regulate. In an effort to conserve its energy for survival, your body begins to manufacture less metabolism-friendly hormones like thyroid, testosterone, and leptin so that your body can reach homeostasis.

    For a simple picture of how this happens, take a 500 calorie daily deficit. This is supposed to result in about a pound of weight loss per week. But that is not going to happen forever, or you would obviously wilt to nothing.

    Along the way in the weight loss process your body begins to slow down its metabolism to conserve valuable energy (fat, glycogen). Eat at that original 500 calorie deficit long enough, and your weight loss will eventually level out and then stagnate.

    Reverse dieting helps you restore your metabolism to a much higher level so that you have a better “base” to cut calories from. Starting your weight loss at 2500 calories is going to leave you a lot more room to cut calories as compared to if you started off at 1800 calories.

    The former will result in slower, yet more sustained weight loss over time. The latter will likely result in fast weight loss, quickly followed by stagnation, frustration, and then a falling into the yo-yo dieting trap.

  • How to Reverse Diet

    The idea is simple and the name explains it all. What you do is slowly start adding calories back into your diet. I would recommend adding in about 5% more calories on a weekly basis. This equates to about 50-100 calories more per day.

    Many people immediately cringe at the thought of adding calories into their weight loss diet. They are flat out afraid of putting on weight. These people are usually the ones who are already eating very low calories (usually below their BMR), and the concept of reverse dieting (eating more to lose more) just doesn’t “click” with them.

    But let me tell you what you can expect, and this comes from my own personal experience as well as seeing hundreds of other people implement reverse dieting into their own nutrition.

    You immediately notice a boost in energy. Your motivation returns and you start looking forward to your workouts again. Your hunger decreases, and all the feelings of extreme restriction start to moderate. Your weight, surprisingly, starts to slowly decrease again – completely flying in the face of all logic.