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“Art Of Tracking”

The “ Art of Tracking “ scale weight more accurately while tracking macros is all

In the fine tuning.

The scale can fluctuate a lot while you diet. 1-3 lbs for any reason is normal.

Water intake is a variable you can control. Drink around the same amount of water daily.

Things that cause fluctuation: 

Water intake

Sweat / Heat

High / Low Sodium, Potassium

Bathroom Use

Fiber Intake

Alcohol Consumption

Training heavy with weights or length and duration of expenditure!

Always weigh yourself in the morning empty after you’ve gone to the bathroom if possible otherwise try to weigh yourself before you eat your first meal. 

That will be the most accurate.


Maintenance Calories – RMR and AMR: 

Just to get an idea of where maintenance level calories will be for you, an easy calculation would be your current weight x 13.5- 15 if you are active. If you are more sedentary, normally I calculate based on your perceived level of exercise or body weight x 11-12.

Those are general estimates!

Don’t get hung up on the scale it’s a tool to see where you are on “average each week.”

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