What are Macros

Macronutrients or ‘Macros‘ are a group of nutrients found in food that give us energy. The three macronutrients are; Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat. No matter what training plan, lifestyle, or diet you have, all three are essential in our diets for a healthy, happy life. What Macros Do I Need? 1. Protein Ok, let’s start […]


Macro Tracking while traveling

By: Kelli Michelle and Lori Siegermann Many of you will be traveling for Spring break and you do not know what you need to bring to eat complete meals and fill in the gaps if you’re tracking macros. Here are some ideas for your travel to and from destinations. Easy Foods to Travel With …that include a lot […]

Need help finding accurate data on certain foods?

CLIENTS, DO YOU NEED HELP WITH FINDING ACCURATE DATA ON CERTAIN FOODS??? Go to: The USDA Food Composition Database Select source: Standard or Brand Name if branded! Go to food group or item and seach the database for that food. The more specific you can get  (Canned, Cooked, Raw) the better! Enjoy and Happy Tracking! 

5 Reasons You’re Not Ripped

Article originally posted on bodybuilding.com 5 Reasons You’re Not Ripped If you’re spinning your wheels in your fat-loss efforts, perhaps you’re committing one of these not-so-obvious physique-softening mistakes. You train hard with both weights and cardio, but for some reason you’re still not lean. Sound familiar? If so, you may find yourself wondering how it’s […]

5 Solutions to the Biggest Challenges of Eating Out

Article originally posted on http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/ There are so many wonderful things about going out to eat: It’s fast, quick, easy and tasty. But, if you’re trying to be mindful of your choices or making positive nutrition changes, eating out can be a barrier to success. Americans eat and drink on average about a third of […]

How to track Macros when eating out as a restaurant

Article originally posted on ontheregimen.com How to track Macros when eating out as a restaurant So, your crazy coach has you counting these things called macros. You are slowly getting used to it. Foods with labels are now pretty simple, like greek yogurt and granola bars. You have even become something of a pro in […]

Breaking down your Thanksgiving dinner: By the numbers

Article originally posted on theweek.com Breaking down your Thanksgiving dinner: By the numbers Put your stretchy pants on — Thanksgiving is finally here. It’s estimated that the average American consumes over three times the daily number of recommended calories on the unofficial kick-off to the glutinous holiday season (depending on your weight, you can pack […]