How Stress Could Be Damaging to Your Health

How Stress Could be Damaging to Your Health

You’ve all heard it, stress is a killer…. High-stress levels can have a broad range of consequences that are often overlooked or underestimated. Here are some of the most commonly overlooked consequences of chronic high-stress levels: One of the most overlooked results of chronic stress is poor immune function. Yes, chronic stress can indeed have […]

Summertime Weight Management


Summer is the time where we often find ourselves vacationing and busy with kids and life! Lack of motivation is a common problem when it comes to maintaining a specifically healthy diet and exercise routine. This is not something unusual. You’re not bad for pausing to take a break, and you need to work on […]

Keeping fat off after a diet

Keeping fat off after diet blog

Keeping fat off after a diet can be a challenging task, but it’s essential to maintain long-term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help. 1. Keep a healthy and balanced diet: Don’t go back to the unhealthy eating habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. […]

Practical Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Life and Reap the Benefits

Practical Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Life and Reap the Benefits

Exercise gets a lot of attention when it comes to discussions about health and well-being. And it should because a solid workout routine not only comes with many great physical benefits, but it also fosters mental and emotional health. However, overall wellness doesn’t stop with exercise. In order to be truly healthy and live out […]

Have you lost your sense of self?

I received an email from a beautiful female asking about how long it would take for her to build a healthy relationship with food and with her body image. That is such a heavy question to answer without getting to know someone.  Even though I work in the field of nutrition, most of what we […]

Sleep, The Unsung Hero of Fat Loss

If you’re not seeing the fat-loss results from your diet and workouts, think of sleeping! Find out how more quality sleep can help you succeed. As you begin scrambling for the latest and most scientific information relating to stripping off those last few layers ofbody fat that seem to cling to you for dear life, […]