Summertime Weight Management


Summer is the time where we often find ourselves vacationing and busy with kids and life! Lack of motivation is a common problem when it comes to maintaining a specifically healthy diet and exercise routine. This is not something unusual. You’re not bad for pausing to take a break, and you need to work on […]


Macro Tracking while traveling

By: Kelli Michelle and Lori Siegermann Many of you will be traveling for Spring break and you do not know what you need to bring to eat complete meals and fill in the gaps if you’re tracking macros. Here are some ideas for your travel to and from destinations. Easy Foods to Travel With …that include a lot […]

Traveling on Macros

Traveling on Macros  How to be successful when traveling….Lori’s tips and learning from the last 16 months! Background/Context I am required to travel a lot for work.  I also enjoy traveling personally so I end up traveling on average once month.  Some are short trips and some are longer.   Since I have been tracking macros […]