How to get back on track after a binge week

How to get back on track after a binge week

  1. Take positive actions as soon as possible
  2. Put your binge into perspective
  3. Focus on having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset
  4. Get right back to the habits that were working before your binged
  5. Increase your physical activity this week a little but not to punish yourself.
  6. Wait to eat until you’re really good and hungry but not overly hungry
  7. Drink more water than you probably did last week. ½ weight in OZ
  8. Address the root cause of your emotional or binge eating by journaling what happened before the episode. Create 3 plans of reroute for next time.
  9. Reflect back on what you were doing to lose weight, was it too restrictive?
  10. Focus on more lean protein, fruits and vegetables for a few days while potentially decreasing fats and carbs slightly.
  11. Improve the quality and quantity of sleep
  12. Slow down while eating and eat with focus on enjoying your foods in your day to day meals
  13. Reaching out for professional help
  14. Reach out for personal support
  15. Avoid overcompensating by getting too strict with your diet
  16. Avoid the scale for a couple of weeks or all together
  17. Use the red light, yellow light, green light technique to help binge eating

Binge eating is a tricky mountain to climb.

One of the biggest keys for people trying to lose weight is figuring out how to get back on track after binge eating.

Look through these techniques and experiment to figure out how to get back on track after binge eating for a week.

#1 Take positive actions as soon as possible after binge eating

The reason I have this as the first item is that it’s incredibly important.

Binge eating has large emotional components.

By taking some sort of positive action it will start the process of getting into a better headspace around your most recent cycle of binge eating.

Even small steps can help you to feel like you’re making progress.

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