High Fiber List

How to add more delicious fiber sources:

Fiber sources

Ole Tortilla

Oatmeal Old fashioned

Butternut squash

Natures own bagels

Old fashioned oats

94% fat free Smart pop popcorn (big bags)

94% fat free ACT popcorn (big bags)

Rosarita no fat refried canned beans (variety in choices, green chile & lime, black beans, traditional, vegetarian)

Brown rice

Sweet potatoes  / Yam

Skinny cows (any flavor)

Fiber one 80cals chocolate squares Fiber one original Fiber one 80cals honey squares

Sara Lee 45cals 100% whole wheat bread or Flat out bread

Ezekiel cereal or breads

Berries, pears and apples

Dry fruit ( be careful about quantity )

Birds eye steam fresh veggies (Brussels sprouts, green beans, veggie combo snap peas, broc, cauliflower)

Eggos, Kashi and Udi ALL grain waffles (low fat whole grain)

Other frozen waffle varieties (kashi) Fiber one bars (all varieties)

Chia Seeds / Flax meal ( good omega 3 fats also )

CHOBANI 100- 5 g fiber yogurt non fat

Pumpkin Puree

Fresh Pumpkin or squash

These are some of the many fiber sources I use mostly fiber one cereal though that’s my favorite (chocolate) yum.

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