How does mental stress affect your strength recovery?⁣

How does mental stress affect your strength recovery?⁣

☠️ Mental stress has been shown to have lots of negative effects on physiology. However, is stress also something you should manage for optimal recovery in the gym?⁣

A study found that mental stress also affects your strength recovery. Here’s how:

?️‍♂️ This study investigated whether mental stress impacts your recovery from heavy resistance exercise. ⁣

? Subjects were categorized into groups based on their stress level. The subjects first established their 10 repetition max (10RM; the maximal weight they can use for 10 reps). After this, they performed another 6 sets with as many reps as possible at 80-90% of their 10RM weight. ⁣

? All groups saw a large reduction in muscular force immediately after the workout and. While all ⁣groups recovered some strength in the following hour, strength recovery was lower in the high-stress group. ⁣

?‍♀️Therefore, managing mental stress is not just important for your overall health, but should also be taken into account in your training schedule. ⁣

?In conclusion, high mental stress has a negative effect on short-term muscle strength recovery ⁣after a heavy lifting session. ⁣

❓How do you manage stress? ⁣

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How mental stress affects your strength recovery

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