Macro Tracking while traveling


By: Kelli Michelle and Lori Siegermann

Many of you will be traveling for Spring break and you do not know what you need to bring to eat complete meals and fill in the gaps if you’re tracking macros. Here are some ideas for your travel to and from destinations.

Easy Foods to Travel With

…that include a lot of protein which is usually the hardest for me to get in….

  • Complete meals:
    • high protein oatmeal packets with nuts ( example PRO OATS ) protein powder instant oats and cashews or almonds or almond butter.
    • protein granola with yogurt (Oikos triple zero has good fiber)  and can be frozen to keep food cold in travel or on the plane.
    • cereal pre-measured in bag (high protein cereals good) – add yogurt or milk if you get to market
    • bars – protein granola bars, cliff bars or other
    • bagels/English muffins (the multigrain ones have a lot of fiber) and I don’t mind eating them cold/not toasted/high protein breads (throw a few slices in a Ziploc) and bring some travel peanut butter packs.  Or some PB2/peanut powder
    • Tuna pouches, tuna salad or chicken salad kits – pre-made pasta (high protein pasta), avocado
    • Chia seed 1 serving 30 g, 1 scoop Phormula 1 protein, 32 g peanut butter and 1 pack of lower sugar quaker oatmeal. Add water before bed to shaker cup and let all ingredients sit overnight as overnight oats. Wash shaker and reuse daily.
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    • DRY FRUIT or Trail mix and protein powder with PB on small flat out wrap ( easy to pack in your suitcase flat. ) Easy for PB and honey sandwich as well. Honey you can pick up free in airports at most coffee/tea shops in sticks or packs. ( FREE IS GOOD )
  • Extras/snacks to fill in
    • Chips with moderate fats (good thins, popcorn, crackers)
    • Laughing cow cheese (does not need a fridge and great fillers 1.5F/1C/2P) – use a few to fill remaining macros
    • Salad dressing – bring to-go packs or use special containers (will be very useful if you need to eat out)
    • Bars (METRX BIG COLOSSAL meal replacement, cliff, victory, Think Thin, gluten-free Lara Bars, Zone.. etc)
    • Shake mix in zip lock bags in a suitcase (1-2 servings) YOU CAN PICK UP RTD shakes if you are in a place that has them.
    • Trail mix small bags or bulk / SNACK pretzels / FISH OIL pills to fill a couple of fat g at night
    • Beef or turkey jerky/ostrich sticks GNC sells / hi health etc
    • Sunflower seeds (be sure to measure) Pistachios
    • Justin’s almond or walnut butter, peanut butter
    • Packs of almonds and dried fruit for workouts
    • Dry apples, pears, and berries for oatmeal packs
    • Replenish Pack (Mineral pack or HYDRO x) VEGA Hydration Xendurance ( email Kelli for a 10% off coupon )
    • Quaker chewy oat bars, fiber 1 bars, cereal bars for CARBS on the GO
    • Wrap sealed tuna packs WALMART / GROCERY
    • Flat packs of popcorn microwave and rice like instant rice in BENs flat pack
  • If you will have a microwave…opens up many more options!!!  Unlimited ideas
    • Mac and cheese singles, rice bowls, pre-made non-frozen meals…too many ideas to list
    • You can bring freezer meals and add a couple to carry on and suitcase to heat up when you are in your room and keep in the fridge for your stay. These help in a pinch. Smart Made, WALMART fit meal combos etc are all great ideas.
  • When traveling you will want to bring as many things with a bar code as possible and bring your food scale. PACK enough bars and snacks for long days.

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