Myths about Abdominal Work

Myths about abdominal work –by: 

Myth 1: Women are attracted to males with “shredded” abs

Many fitness enthusiasts start training to impress the opposite sex. They believe that having a set of solid razor sharp six-pack abs will “get them the girls”. This is the epitome of delusional and superficial thinking. Having a six-pack may be a bonus, but being a slave to your six-pack is hardly an advantage. Many females don’t feel well around males who behave like narcissistic bikini models.

Truth: Women consider six-pack abs a bonus, but abs are usually not enough to keep the flame going. There are things like: money, character, social status, facial aesthetics…etc. that come first.

Myth 2: Training your abs increases abdominal definition

In order for your abs to become visible, you have to first lose body fat. No amount of crunches, ab machines, squats, deadlifts or other forms of exercise will increase the definition of your abs as much as a healthy diet targeted towards losing fat.

Truth: Strong abs are more visible but if there are layers of fat on top, exercising becomes almost irrelevant when definition is the goal.

Myth 3: Everybody can have a six-pack

The form of your abdominal musculature is entirely dependent on your genetics. Some people have six packs, others 8 or 10 packs. However, there are also people with 4 packs. It all depends on what you mother and father gave you.

Truth: Abs come in all kinds of different shapes.

Myth 3: The Pavelizer by Pavel Tsouline is a good way to train your abs

Pavel Tsatsouline is a hypocrite. He criticizes abdominal machines, unless it’s promoted by him. Where is the logic? Truth be told, almost all specific ab equipment is a rip-off and a waste of money. There are plenty of great exercises that do not require any equipment and can strengthen you abs for “free”.

Truth: The Pavelizer is a gimmick and is designed to make the Russian “guru” Pavel Tstsouline richer and you poorer.

Myth 4: Six pack abs always look good

Many people believe that when they finally get to have a six-pack, they will look good. This is not always the case. Skinny people with six-pack abs don’t have any muscle mass on them and simply look anorexic and malnourished.

Truth: People always look better when they are leaner, but for some having a six-pack requires to get into anorexic mode due to the low levels of muscle mass they possess.

Myth 5: You can be big and have a six-pack without using anabolic steroids.

Many ignorant beginners fall for the trap set by the supplement companies. The latter use the bodies of steroid users to promote stupid products, and many people are starting to think they can be 240 lbs /110 kg while having visible abs naturally. It’s impossible.

Truth: You can’t have big muscles and visible set of abs at the same time, if you are a natural bodybuilder.

Myth 6: Products like Hydroxycut will give you the wanted six-pack abs

You can take all the fat burners in the world, but if your diet is not good, you won’t lose any bodyfat and you abs will remain covered. Fat burners and all the related products are not as effective as you may think. In fact, they are highly ineffective. The companies use enhanced fitness models to promote suspicious supplements. Christian Boeving, who at one point was the face of Hydroxycut, got fired immediately for admitting along with Hydroxycut he was also using steroids to develop his physique.

Truth: Diet is the most important think when it comes to “shaping your abs”.

Myth 7: The workout program insanity will give you abs

While Insanity is a really good cardio program the factor determing if you are going to have visible abs is your diet. You may do Insanity but if you eat at McDonald’s five times a day your abs will remain an underground celebrity for a long, long time.

Truth: Exercising is beneficial when “shaping your abs” but diet is still KING.

Myth: 8: 50 Cent go his six-pack abs from doing sit-ups

In many movies the rapper 50 Cent is presented as a guy who loves his sit-ups and pull-ups. However, his shape has not been developed solely by training. He was caught using GH (growth hormone) and anabolic steroids.

What did you expect? How is the guy supposed to find time to train when there is so much money to be made and “bitches” to be “fucked”.

Truth: 50 Cent is training but also relies on PED (performance-enhancing drugs) to develop his musculature and aesthetic physique.

Myth 9: Abs can be isolated

There are many “experts” out there who claim that the different portions of your abs can be isolated. It’s actually a misconception. Abs act as one unit and all parts are used when an exercise is being performed. Isolation is a myth.

Truth: There may be some exercises that place higher emphasis on some portion of the ab muscle, but in the end of the day the whole thing functions as one complete unit.

Myth 10: Training like the popular fitness models will give you insane abs

Virtually, all famous fitness models such as Matt OgusMike O’HearnJeff SeidSimeon Panda and many more to count are using PED to achieve their looks. You can train like them all your life, nothing is going to happen.

Truth: Fitness models use steroids to get big and shredded.

Myth 11: Deadlifts and squats will make your abs super big and spoil your physique

Contrary to popular belief, deadlifts and squats do not make your abs crazy big. Of course, when you are able to deadlift three times your bodyweight your abs will be thicker, but you will still look proportional. The famous IFBB pros from today have distended stomachs because of all the GH and insulin they use. It has nothing to do with deadlifts and squats.

Truth: Squats and deadlifts strengthen your abs but you will still look proportional and symmetric..

Myth 12: Mike Chang’s six-pack shortcut workout is the fastest way to get shredded abs

Mick Chang’s a scam. Plain and simple. He uses annoying marketing tactics to sell you stupid programs and supplements that are not very effective. Getting abs has always been done the same way – by diet and exercising. There are no shortcuts or Chinese secrets that will get you there faster. Hard work is the answer and paying for overpriced products has nothing to do with it.

Truth: Mike Chang is a con man, marketing whore and his program is over hyped.

Myth 13: Women can achieve the abs of famous female CrossFit competitors naturally

The CrossFit epidemic has taken over the world and many females have lost contact with reality. There are thousands of CrossFit motivational photos on Facebook showing female competitors who have a full set of visible and deep abdominal muscles. Consequently, women are starting to believe that they can achieve that look without the use of anabolic steroids. Nothing could be further from the truth and females were never meant to look “dry” and “shredded”.

Truth: Having a deep and razor sharp set of six-pack abs as a women is insanely hard unless you are on gear.

Myth 14: Six pack abs are the symbol of health

Many consider six-pack abs the symbol of health and well being, but it’s not true and there are plenty of anorexic males and females who prove it. Having visible abs is not a symbol of health.

Truth: Being healthy does not require six-pack abs.

Myth 15: Visible abs equal strength

While six-pack abs look impressive, having visible abs does not mean you have a strong midsection. You can have “invisible” abs that are also pretty strong. A good example would be a heavyweight boxer or a sumo fighter. Their abs may be hidden from the eye but they are plenty strong compared to the average human being.

Truth: Just because your abs are covered by fat, it does not mean they are not strong.

Myth 16: High repetitions is the best for abs

Contrary to popular believe performing high repetitions is not the best thing for your abs. Countless reps tire the lower back and a trauma may occur. The best way to train your abs is with medium volume and resistance – between 10-12 reps per sets.

Truth: Performing high repetition sets when training your abs tires the lower back and injuries may occur.

Myth 17: Abs should be trained daily

There is no need to train your abs daily. In fact, its counterproductive and the lower back may be hurt again. Training your abs a few times a week will provide plenty of stimulation.

Truth: The abdominal muscles may be tough, but most core exercises also target the lower back which is the muscle that requires the most time to recover. Split your ab sessions.

Myth 18: Twisting to the left or right at the top of a sit-up will make your obliques stronger

Nothing could be more untrue. Rotating at the top of a sit-up will only hurt your lower back. You obliques receive very little stimulation during “the rotating” sit-up. There is almost no resistance.

Truth: Moving from left to right during sit-ups is dangerous and you may hurt your back. Instead try the suitcase deadlift. Your obliques will hurt the next day.

Myth 19: Bruce Lee had the strongest abs in the world

Bruce Lee had some seriously strong abs but definitely not the strongest in the world. Besides, how do you measure ab strength? In general, male Olympic gymnasts have abs at least as strong as Bruce Lee’s.

Truth: Lee had sick abs but even mediocre Olympic gymnast have abs at least as strong as Bruce’s set.

Myth 20: Abs are made in the kitchen

Truth: Technically abs are not made in the kitchen. Abs are made by reducing your time in the kitchen.

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