Non-Meat Protein Sources

I had a major set of requests for more Non-Meat Protein Sources

Here are some resources to get you thinking outside of the box when it comes to protein in your diet.

1. This is a great article that gives some non-meat sources of protein:

*Make sure with the higher fat sources that are listed such as almonds and nut butters that you use them sparingly as they fit YOUR macros.

2. Protein Powders:

  • New Zealand Grass Fed Protein is a great one with a great balance of macros. You can also cook/bake with this one.
  • Beef Aminos are also great from olympian labs online.

I would suggest grabbing an isolate protein powder that is strictly protein very little c/f:

DO NOT feel restricted to these. If you have some that you like, stick to those. These are only suggestions. Feel free to explore also collagen and bone broth for protein sources as well.

3. Protein Bars: Watch the macros!

  • Pure Protein  / PERFECT BAR / Premier Protein bar ( Costco )
  • Zone Perfect Target, Walmart and most grocery stores
  • Quest or one bar  (THESE CAN CAUSE BLOAT they are high fiber)
  • Combat (Some are higher in fat than others)
  • Fitjoy (Higher in fat but Gluten free and GMO-free)
  • Oh Yeah (These are really yummy) These have sugar alcohol and can cause bloat
  • Go macro pure whole food bar
  • MetRX Collosall if you travel is a MEAL replacement bar and has sufficient protein as do the METRX Cookie dough bars and pretzel bars. They are higher in carbs than most.

4. Plain Greek Yogurt

You can use this in cooking in the place of things like sour cream (in casseroles) and even mayo. Or eat plain to get 14 grams of protein; This is a great way to get protein into your daily allotment of macros. I like to add PB2 to mine and it makes it feel like an extra special snack/treat.


5. Veggie Burgers

I love the Morning Star Veggie Burgers. They are thin and crispy and don’t have the texture of a real “burger”.

6. BEANS, RICE, CHEESES, COTTAGE CHEESE and Greek Yogurt is also a great filler protein.

*Don’t underestimate the power of fruits, veggies and your grains giving you good protein, especially when you mix it with a bean or lentil.

This gives you a complete protein chain that your body will use just like meat protein.

Rice beans and peas have great amino profile as well! Fruits and veggies have protein but most don’t know this!

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