Squats & Espresso Podcast

Nutrition coach Kelli Michelle joins us this week to discuss:

  • Macro and nutrition coaching for elite athletes
  • Why dudes require more supervision when it comes to data tracking
  • Why the general population needs to get familiar with Macro tracking
  • How hard work will only get you so far (a racecar can’t run on the bad fuel)
  • Why sometimes to the secret to your success is LESS TRAINING
  • How “Calories in calories out” is a tragic oversimplification
  • Getting better results, bigger lifts while dropping bodyfat
  • Destroying your Metabolism, gains and potential through misplaced nutrition ideas
  • The swing from Low Fat, To High Fat and back again in nutrition’s mindset
  • How google is our worst enemy for research
  • Eating impossible amounts of food in the pursuit of a LEANER body
  • Why guys need to suck it up and get their testosterone checked (If you’re 30 or older this means YOU) and…
  • What a “Powerlifter” really looks like

Listen to the Podcast

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