Stay on track in 2020 with your HABITS not RESOLUTIONS

It’s January and again, you find yourself pondering the reasons you put on that additional 5-7 pounds over the holiday. Perhaps you come out hard in January and February and fizzle out after 30-60 days of strict construction? That’s just it, your route is too strict. Try implementing steady habits at 1 habit a month. Focus on that habit and at the end of the year, you will have 12 NEW habits that are productive.

Here are a few steps to keep you moving forward!

  1. Set up realistic expectations for fat loss and training.

Start out slow and ramp up your exercise after you can stick to 2-3 days and commit to that habit. Vary your workouts to keep them fun and if you have trouble with the accountability you can join a group. The group fitness concept is good for accountability but may not focus primarily on your form.

  1. Keep a food journal that will help you stay on track. When we write our feelings down, we seldom eat them. We need to find a replacement habit to help us release stresses and emotions. Stress can make us overeat. If we work on actively relaxing, we can reduce stress and lower cortisol.
  1. Walk for fat loss – Set a goal of 10,000 steps a day, dance, walk or do something you love. Get those steps in and feel great going into next year when you have a new, fun habit. Maybe you get a new fitness tracker and start celebrating your non-scale victories? Walking is a great fat loss activity.
  2. Cut most processed and packaged foods out during the week and have a little more flexibility on 1 of your weekend days.
  3. Moderate Alcohol by limiting to 1-2 drinks a week or less and try that for all of Jan- Feb. As you become more active you may see that Alcohol stifles your progress in the gym.
  4. Manage Stress with workouts with strength training, HIIT training or a spin class. Turn on your music and burn!
  5. Eat more earlier in the day when you are most active and taper off at night before sleep. You nd more fuel when you are most active.
  6. Prepare and plan ahead for your snacks during the week by picking up bars, shakes and supplemental meals like a healthy freezer meal. These can keep you from going astray when you do not plan ahead.


When you purchase a new gym outfit, music for your earphones and tracking devices these are all motivating factors. Use these to keep yourself accountable and hard-working in the gym. You can also start to produce Menus for your weeks to come. This way you can add these foods to your shopping lists. Have a workout buddy if you need or hire a personal trainer if you lack discipline. Remember that keeping your word to yourself will create personal integrity. When you don’t show up for yourself you lack personal integrity.


Be sure to take progress pictures, measurements, grab a new water jug and set a daily water goal. Keep triggers out of the house so that you are not tempted to throw in the towel. Eat mindfully and slowly to stay satiated and be present in your mealtime. If you do not have the strength to turn things down, you will have to work on your mental toughness this year. Plan for parties and allow for your own enjoyment by keeping your meal structure on days you have a party meal. Eat lower fat in the morning and at lunch but have larger portions of protein and then enjoy your meal at the party but try not to snack the entire time. Set up a game plan for your party or you may go off your nutrition program. Planning is everything when it comes to staying on course while traveling and eating out. Scale weigh weekly to see how you are progressing. Place very little weight on the scale as you may have daily fluctuations. Have a few bites, not the entire hot fudge sundae. You might be just fine with that after a slowly eaten, larger meal. Meals are meant to be enjoyed so do your best to balance everything out.


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