Healthy Goal Setting

Summer Guide To Good Health Goal Setting 2020

As you move through your workout protocol, one thing that you will want to make sure you are doing regularly is setting smart goals. Goal setting is important for giving you direction with your workout sessions as well as for keeping you motivated and trying your best. It’s vital that you also don’t just set one goal and then forget about it. Remember that your goals will change over time; even if you don’t accomplish the initial ones you set out, your priorities and desires for fitness may change as life goes on, so adapting and adjusting your goals as you go is critical.

Here’s a quick check-list to run through with yourself that will help you establish where you stand with your current goals and if there are any changes you need to make going forward. We want to make sure the time you put into MEAL prep is also not wasted by what you do on the weekends. It matters, and it will always show up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then you are left with 2-3 days of “optimal” energy balance until you do it again.

HOW TO DEFINE your GOAL as tangible and realistic so that you WILL stay on the journey and not use this program as another YO YO or crash diet.

1. Is your goal specific? Can you picture it in your mind exactly as you want to achieve it? Photo of yourself, an outfit you like that you want to get back into??

2. Is your goal realistic? Is this something that you can achieve with hard work? IS THE WHY great enough?? Journal it!

3. Do you have the resources available to reach your goals? Do you need assistance from a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a counselor, or someone else? Accountability is HUGE, all people who get to their goals and stay focused sharpen their tools, including me. -KM

4. Do you have the emotional and motivational drive to reach that goal? Does the pain outweigh the promise?? I want you to dig deep here….

5. Is your time schedule going to permit you to work towards this goal? Do you have enough free time to be able to go after that goal?

6. How long will it take you to accomplish this goal? Do you have a deadline date in place for when you want to have achieved it by (and note you should always set a deadline)?

7. Do you have the social support you need to help you along the way to that goal? Note that you will have trouble accomplishing that goal if you don’t have the support of those closest to you. Do your friends SUPPORT or SABOTAGE YOU? And do you allow it??

8. Are you emotionally committed to reaching that goal, even if it means going through hard times?

9. Can you break that goal into smaller, mini-goals that you can use as stepping stones along the way? (doing so will increase the chances that you realize that goal)

10. Do you have more than one goal set, but not so many that you are wearing yourself thin?

Remember that having two or three goals set will mean if one isn’t going exactly as planned, you can focus on the other ones as well. So have a quick look over your current goal set. Are you ready to tackle what you have laid out according to these questions? And, if you don’t currently have goals lined up, what goals would you set given these questions?

Make sure you have your list of goals made up before you commit to your workout protocol. Focus on 1 thing at a time and get in a routine. Just because you don’t do training or movement daily is not a big deal. NUTRITION is the BIGGEST and most impactful part of your Health and Nutrition journey. It impacts many things!!

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