Coffee and Hormones

Here’s how coffee really affects your health. by Bryan Welsh Throughout its long history, coffee has endured both accolades and opposition. Over the ages, some of the world’s greatest composers, thinkers and statesmen have extolled coffee’s virtues, while others have denounced it as a poisonous, mind-corrupting drug. Coffee has been praised by certain religions and […]

Sugar – The Sweet Truth

The following is a guest article discussing the evidence behind sugar by my friend Menno Henselmans. For some of you, the following information is going to seem hard to believe. I confess, when I first learned the truth about sugar, I was highly skeptical. However, starting a couple of years ago, I quit worrying about the […]

The 4 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Flexible Dieting

This article is re-posted from Evidence Magazine  Letting yourself enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, like my Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, will help you reach your long-term fat loss goals. You’re willing to suffer. You want to be lean yesterday, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. You cut calories, eliminate as many […]

Squats & Espresso Podcast

Nutrition coach Kelli Michelle joins us this week to discuss: Macro and nutrition coaching for elite athletes Why dudes require more supervision when it comes to data tracking Why the general population needs to get familiar with Macro tracking How hard work will only get you so far (a racecar can’t run on the bad fuel) […]