Travel Tips, filler foods and advice for filling macros with


What to do when you travel! This is a question that I am asked a lot. This is a tricky question especially at the beginning of your tracking journey when you are still learning what to do. So below you will find a list of easy to pack foods and advice for eating out!


Eating out advice:

You should order whatever you want for any meal as long as you have planned for it and it fits your day!

 The best way to track your macros on the road is by estimating what is on your plate to the best of your ability. Please just realize that it might affect your scale weight for a few days which is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Don’t be afraid to ask the cooks to steam and or not to add any extra oils!


But if you are brand new to this stuff, I know that having some “safe” options can help. 


Breakfast: ask for Egg white omelet add a ton of veggies, turkey bacon and always ask them to cook it in no oil. They drench everything in oil even the healthy stuff.


Lunch: whole wheat light bread, turkey sub loaded with veggies, pizza no cheese or very light cheese, lettuce wrapped sandwich, grilled chicken, baked or broiled veggies.


Dinner: Chicken or steak fajitas, grilled protein, mashed potato (be cautious of butter and or sour cream) steamed baked or broiled veggies, and any of the lunch options above.


Salad with Grilled Chicken (watch the “extras” like nuts and dressing)

Salad with Grilled Shrimp

Salad with Game Meat

Shrimp Cocktail

Egg White Omelets

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (watch the “extras”)

Fish Entree (white fish is a bit leaner than other types of fish)

Grilled Chicken Entrée

Chicken or steak fajitas (cheese and sour cream is where all the fat is!)

Pork Loin



Game Meat Burger


Obviously, this is an in-comprehensive list, but I wanted to give you a few ideas


Watch Out For The Sneak Attack… 









White sauces

Avocado / guac (omega 6s, in all their glory, can indeed make you fat)


Easy to pack items: TO HIT YOUR MACROS ON THE GO!!

Bars (Quest, cliff, victory, Think Thin, gluten free Lara Bars, Zone.. etc)

Shake mix in zip lock bags in suitcase(1-2 servings)

Trail mix small bags or bulk

Beef or turkey jerky

Sunflower seeds ( be sure to measure

Justin’s almond or walnut butter

Packs of almonds and dried fruit for workouts

Dry apples, pears and berries for oatmeal packs

Oatmeal Quaker packs with zip-lock over them. Those tend to tear if in suitcases

Replenish Pack (Mineral pack or HYDRO x)

Quaker chewy oat bars, fiber 1 bars, cereal bars for CARBS on the GO

Wrap sealed tuna packs WALMART

Lenny and Larry’s cookies

Pop Chips

Pretzel thins


Have fun on your vacation! Life is all about balance and having fun.

Eat well 90% of the time and 10% will not kill you!








Macro Cheat sheet fillers: Fats/carbs /protein

These are some of my GO TO items for each category 



Mostly Fat:

Dark chocolate (mini chips are my fave great macros toll house)

Laughing cow cheese

Peanut butter


Bacon/bacon bits



Mostly carbs:


Sweet potatoes

Bamboo rice sticks (Costco) 

Fat free candy 

Fruit juice


Fat free chocolate syrup



Mostly protein: 

Egg whites

Protein powder 

Carb master chocolate milk

Nonfat Dairy 

Turkey or chicken or Ham – Low sodium Deli meat 


Right now one of my favorite snacks is a wheat tortilla, chocolate whips peanut butter 1sp (5g fat) and strawberries. Wow, you wouldn’t believe how  delicious !!









Healthier/ Higher Quality versions of macros to fill remaining MACROS


Fats – mainly fat 

Oils all 

Peanuts / almonds / cashews 

Nut butters 

Butter – raw unsalted 

Avocado low carbs/ protein 

Organic Cheeses 

PB lean ( pb2 ) organic PB powder 





Buckwheat hot cereal 

Bobs brown rice cereal 

Puffed rice cereal

Rice crispy 

Bamboo rice roller organic 



Organic Annie’s fruit snacks

Organic cane sugar 

Organic fresh real fruit jam




Nonfat dairy – organic 

Whey protein ( Hydro ) 

Egg whites 

Shrimp ( low fat ) 

Tilapia / tuna / ahi 



Treats low in fat / moderate carb / mod to low protein 

Artic zero 

Halo top ice cream 

Sugar free cool whip 

Pudding and jello mix

Greek nonfat yogurt and fruit 

Pb2 or Pb lean 

Apples with fat free Carmel dip

Berries with cool whip or tru – whip organic 

Skinny cow ICE CREAM


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