Why is Flexible Dieting Awesome??

Why is Flexible Dieting Awesome??

Flexible dieting for weight loss is the best way to lose weight while still eating your favorite foods. If people do not make it an unsustainable method like other diets, it can be somewhat liberating.

Macro counting is merely a method by which we calculate calories and where they come from.

Carbs are 4 calories per gram, proteins are 4 calories per gram, and fats are 9 calories per gram. You have a daily goal for each, and the sum is your daily calories. Ahhhh yes!

Do you think of “good foods” being broccoli, salads, and chicken?

While all the “bad foods” or foods that are off-limits somehow always end up being all the foods you love. We put NO food on a pedestal, and there are no “off-limit” foods. Otherwise, we associate guilt with those foods.

Maybe you were part of the “get ready to suffer” and incredibly dislike your diet if you are going to lose weight group? Well, not anymore!!

I am here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, that is why people sign up with us. We want to free you from food and diet slavery. 

This is where flexible dieting for weight loss comes into play. We teach you how to implement a structure with the food you love for your goal.

What if I told you that you can still eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, how would you feel? 

How about telling you, you don’t have to cut out all carbs to see weight loss progress? How about having a drink once in a while as well?? Would that make you happy while you are dieting??

Is that something you are interested in? 

Flexible dieting is following a very simple set of rules and guidelines, rather than following an over-restrictive plan some person sold you off the internet.

Those guidelines are:

  • Realizing that how much you eat is more important than what exactly you eat
  • Your individual schedule/preferences determine when you eat and what you eat.
  • Valuing Consistency Over Perfection
  • Slow and Sustainable Results Over Rapid Fast Results

Flexible Dieting For Weight Loss Doesn’t Mean Eat Whatever You Want!!

Technically, you could eat whatever you want and still lose weight. We still need to focus on micronutrient needs and satiation as well.

It is going to be a hell of a lot harder though to lose weight if all of your calories are coming from Cheetos and pizza for a number of reasons. These are empty, high-calorie snacks that add up.

They do not have a lot of real concrete nutrient value. We do not want to lose fat at the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease, so quality does still matter.

Also, not to mention if you are looking to not just lose weight but also obtain a certain look to your physique, this is where WHAT you eat comes into play.

If you want to keep or build lean muscle mass and lose fat, then what you eat matters. We prefer our clients to shoot for 75-80% high-quality food and 20-25% fun and flexible treats!

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